The ArsNova team participates in the conference "Dantismi. L’eredità di Dante tra parole e musica" (Pavia-Cremona, 24-26 November 2021)

The team of project ArsNova will participate in the conference “Dantismi. L’eredità di Dante tra parole e musica” (Pavia-Cremona, 24-26 November 2021), organised by the Department of Humanities and the Department of Musicology and Cultural Heritage of the University of Pavia. During the session entitled “La Musica nel Trecento e Dante”, which will be held on Friday, November 26th starting at 9.30 in the Aula Congressi of the Cremona Campus, the P.I. Maria Sofia Lannutti will speak of love poetry in the Ars nova repertoire; Davide Checchi and Antonio Calvia will discuss the influence of Dante’s Commedia in fourteenth-century poliphony; Michele Epifani will illustrate the relationship between Dante’s ‘Inferno’ and the cacce of the fourteenth century; and Vittoria Brancato will analyse the reception of Dante’s lyric poetry in the Italian Ars nova.